I. Club Membership

1. Annual membership dues shall be as set by the club membership.
Each year at the annual budget meeting the officers and board of directors shall review and set the amount to be charged for annual dues.
If a change in annual dues is warranted, the recommended change shall be presented to the full membership for their approval.
(See Section II subsection 9.) Current Membership Fees shall be posted on the club website.
Membership dues shall be due on January 1st of each year.
New members joining on or after August 1st shall have their membership extended through the following year.
All applicants shall be required to apply to the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) for membership prior to applying for club membership.
This club is an AMA certified club and all members are required to be members of AMA.
AMA membership shall be certified by presenting a copy of current year AMA membership card to the club Treasurer upon payment of dues.
Members who have not joined the AMA (or have let their AMA membership lapse) will forfeit their membership in the club.

Membership shall be as follows:
Adult membership (18 years or older) dues shall be the current amount that has been approved. For first time adult membership a initiation fee of 50% of current membership dues shall be added to the first year annual membership fee.
Junior membership (under 18 years of age) shall be 50% of adult membership dues. If training of junior members is required a first year initiation fee of 50% of the adult membership dues will be required. If more than one junior member is from the same family, only one first year initiation fee will be charge for junior membership.
An applicant for full membership will be required to be a probationary member for not less than ninety (90) days prior to becoming a full member. Application for membership may be submitted via paper or website.
If an applicant is unable to attend a regularly scheduled meeting to apply for membership he must contact the President to make alternative arrangements.
Only adult members who have completed their probationary period shall have voting privileges and each adult member shall be entitled to one vote.
Club Bylaws and Field Operation Policies are available on the website at and are the responsibility of the member to review. If a member is unable to review information from the internet it is their responsibility to contact an officer or other club member for the information. The probationary member must sign a form or submit e-mail to the present (to be maintained by the club Treasurer) stating that he has reviewed this package.
A probationary member must receive a majority vote of the members present at a regularly scheduled meeting to become a full member unless arrangements have been made with the President, a probationary member can be voted upon without being present at a regularly scheduled meeting.
Members requiring training must have submitted their application for membership in the AMA before training can be started. If proof of membership in AMA is not presented to the club instructor within 30 days of application, training shall be discontinued until such time membership is confirmed.

II. Club Administration1.
The club’s elected officers will be President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Safety Officer.
Election of club officers will be held at the November meeting of each year. Nominations for these offices will be held at both the October and November meetings
All elected offices are for one year beginning January 1st. In the event that any club officer resigns their office during the current year, the President shall have the authority to appoint a replacement for the remainder of that term. 4.
The board of directors will include the four elected officials plus three additional members appointed by the President and announced at the January meeting.
At least one of the officers from the previous year should be on the new board of directors to allow for consistence.
The President may assign any club appointees as necessary except that members of the board of directors or elected officers of the club may only be removed by board action (see #7 under Club Administration) or by a majority vote of the club members present at a regularly scheduled meeting. 7.
By notification to the President, any member may request a meeting with the board to discuss any grievance.
At least five (5) members of the board must be present, and at least four (4) members of the board must support any necessary corrective action.
Any transaction committing club funds of Three Hundred Fifth Dollars ($350) or less requires the approval of the club Treasurer and at least one other elected officer. Any commitment above Three Hundred Fifth Dollars ($350) requires the approval of a majority of the club members present at a regularly scheduled meeting.
To modify the club Bylaws or Field Operations Policies, the wording of the proposed amendment must be approved by a majority of the club present at a regularly scheduled meeting. Reading of the proposed amendment will occur at the following two (2) meetings. A majority vote of the members present at the third (3rd) reading is required to amend the club Bylaws or Field Operations Policies.
Regularly scheduled meetings are held on the third (3rd) Thursday of every month unless a change is approved by club membership or four (4) members of the Board, and is announced prior to the regularly scheduled or alternatively scheduled meeting, whichever is sooner.
25% of all dues and 100% of initiation fees shall be deposited in a savings account for the sole use of paved runway upkeep and improvements. Any changes to the disposition of this money shall require the approval of the board of directors and a majority vote of the club members.

III. Guest Fliers
Guests may fly at the club in moderation using club facilities. Any nonmember flying at the club site must relinquish use of club facilities to a member of the club. If this becomes necessary the nonmember may use the concrete area at the northwest portion of the club site.

IV, Field Operations
All operations on the field must be conducted in a sportsmanlike manner and in accordance with the club’s current Bylaws, Field Operations Policies, and the AMA safety code.
Any nonmember flying at the field should be a current member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics for insurance purposes and this should be pointed out to the nonmember. In as much as we are guests of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers we cannot require nonmembers to be AMA members.
Due to noise restrictions at the club site, all members and nonmembers are required to meet the current noise limits. Each aircraft flying at the club site shall be tested by sound meter to determine its compliance with this requirement. THIS IS A LOVELAND PROPBUSTERS AND U.S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS REQUIREMENTS. Any aircraft of any type not meeting this requirement will not be allowed to fly at the club site.
All flying at the club site shall be under the control of the Club Safety Officer. Any problems with unsafe flying or other problems with safety shall be reported to the Safety Officer.